Kuhio’s Home Energy Challenge

Energy Conservation Snippets

from Kuhio School Students

  1. Don’t use the TV because we can make a puppet show – SW

  2. Use three blankets if it is a cold night and not turn on the heater – KO

  3. Hang clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer. Walk to school instead of my mom droping me off. – JT

  4. Close the refrigerator door. – AC

  5. I can save energy by not watching so much TV all the time and not wash laundry every day – KC

  6. Use your bike instead of your car.  When you ride your bike, mechanical energy moves from your legs to the pedal. – VL

  7. Saving energy means not using any more than you have to.  You have the power to save energy every day! – HG

  8. The water heater is the #1 user of electricity.  Save energy by cutting your showers to five minutes and you’ll use less water too. – TVL

  9. Don’t be an energy hog!  You can save energy by turning off lights and appliances. – BN

  10. People should grow native trees and plants for shade; so they don’t need to use air conditioning to coll off.  Feel the Hawaiian trade winds and breezes.  – JG

  11. Kuhio is a green school.  We’re always looking for cool ways to conserve energy. – Anonymous

  12. Make energy savings a part of your day! – Anonymous

  13. Let’s celebrate a Happy Energy Savings New Year! - Anonymous


Kuhio School is participating in the

Hawaiian Electric Company’s

Home Energy Challenge!

This is a list of some of the many things Kuhio is doing for HECO’s

Home Energy Challenge:

Many Kuhio families have signed up for a contest which encourages schools to compete to see who can save the most electricity.  This is done by comparing a family’s electric bills for six months with the same six months of electric bills from the year before. HECO does the calculating to determine the winner. 

Kuhio School is also working on a school-wide energy conservation project.  We have a variety of activities to encourage students to learn about and be more conscientious about saving electricity. We have created a video which we’ll be submitting for HECO’s contest to show many of the different ways everyone can conserve energy. The video will also be shown in each classroom, and it’ll also be posted on Kuhio School’s website.

     In January, students from 20 schools wrote & submitted their New Year’s energy savings resolutions and drawings to Hawaiian Electric.  One of our 2nd graders won one of four prizes!

Every other week, Kuhio students make a public address announcement in school to give tips on how to conserve energy.

Students have composed and submitted their thoughts and advice which is shared in every weekly Kuhio Bulletin.

The “Get the Itch, Turn Off the Switch!” jingle has become a very popular tune with all the students from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Students were asked to provide the words to make this jingle.  Ask your child to teach it to you.

Students in each class were asked to make drawings about saving energy. Selected drawings are being placed on light switch cover plates in the classrooms to serve as a visible reminder to “turn off the switch”. 

During after school reading classes, older students read and teach younger students about ways to use electricity wisely and lower their electric bill at home.

Kuhio’s popular and exciting Mini-Fair will be on Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to promote the family and the community.   At that time we will showcase all the different Energy Conservation activities your child has been involved in.  Please come out and support Kuhio School by attending this fun and entertaining event!

“Get the Itch”

Final music & lyrics by Ronald E. Tish, Kuhio’s music teacher

Original lyric ideas from Kuhio’s grade K-5 students

Please click here for music and lyrics.