At Kuhio, Wellness Works!
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 Kuhio’s Healthier Choices - English
 Kuhio’s Healthier Choices - Marshallese
Kuhio’s Healthier Choices - Chuukese
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Learn how to stay safe and healthy in five minutes or less! This widget is updated with  a new five-minute tip each week.  Click on the picture to the right to learn about this week’s health tip!

Kuhio students enjoy a variety of wellness activities. Pictured above are the fresh fruit & vegetable program, recess activities like tetherball and dance videos, Jump Rope for Heart jump rope practice, a yogurt with toppings party, a summer cooking class (click here to see more photos from that class), Stop Flu at School Clinic, and an example of a tasty and healthy school lunch (baked chicken, roasted red potatoes, apple, whole wheat bun, salad, and lowfat milk).

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Wellness Works at Kuhio School!
At Prince Jonah Kuhio Elementary School, under the direction and encouragement of our principal Evelyn Hao, a committee was formed to develop a plan to promote health and wellness. Children learn better when they are healthy. Health and wellness is not just the absence of illness, injury or disease, it is a positive condition based on nutrition, exercise and positive attitudes. This condition not only prevents illness and injuries, but promotes a sense of wellness that nurtures learning and healthy living. We are looking at the whole Kuhio community, which includes students, families, teachers and other staff, and our neighbors in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Kuhio School has many great programs:
 Comprehensive Physical Education classes 
 A variety of health promotion and educational activities, including videos created by
and starring our students
 Positive Action ‘word of the week’ messages in bulletin and video broadcasts by students, emphasizing mental and social health 
 Access to community wellness classes such as Zumba, yoga and aerobics 
 Free fruit and vegetable snack program for students 
 Beautiful gardens that remind us of our connection to the earth 

At Kuhio, wellness works!
Kuhio Wellness Committee

The principles of wellness are always the same: 

Increase fruits and vegetables
Decrease fat, sugar and salt
Move, don’t sit
Learn how to manage stress                        

  1. Please click below to download:

  2. * Kuhio’s Wellness Plan

  3. * State of Hawaii Wellness Guidelines

  4. * Wellness Guidelines Implementation Checklist


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Kuhio is proud to be a Hawaii 5210 School!

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 Kuhio’s 5210 Flash Mob
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 Keiki Run 2013


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